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ATE Services



ATE Services

Shriya provides exclusive design and routing support services to ATE test interface board vendors.
Our designers interact with your engineers and strictly follow your Design specs to accelerate designing of high yield test interface boards.

We have long experience in designing boards for multiple ATE templates under different EDA design tools and able to provide high yield design solution.

We have exposure in all kind of ATE boards like Probe cards and Load boards designing for various applications and offering services to many customers around the world.

ATE Service Highlights

  • Designed test boards in all popular tester platforms.
  • Handled over 500 test board designs.
  • Quick ramp up of resources to achieve quick turnaround time.

ATE Test Boards

  • Epoxy Probecards, Blade Probecards and specialty Probecards.
  • Device Interface Boards
  • Handler Interface Boards
  • Prober Interface Boards
  • Load Boards
  • Bench Boards
  • Evaluation Boards
  • Reference Boards
  • Adapter Cards
  • Burn in Boards

Design Capabilities

  • Placement and routing services for probe cards ,load boards ,dut and handler interface boards
    Impedance matching to 50 ohm and Length matching to zero tolerance
  • Designing of prototype load boards for Hand test and for fully automated handler applications
    Epoxy cantilever, blade, WLP and vertical contact probe cards
  • Burn-in test and Bench boards
  • Reference boards and ASIC Evaluation boards
  • Strict implementation of High-Speed Layout techniques for reduced distortion, delays and Low noise
  • Proper Selection of PCB fabrication materials including FR4 ,BT Epoxy, Neloc, Polymide, CE, Rogers and Getek
  • Industry wide knowledge on Test sockets, Probers, Single and Multi-site Handlers and docking systems
  • Support for various Tester platforms like Verigy, Advantest, Teradyne, LTX-Credence, Yokogawa, etc.
  • Impedance matching to 50 ohm and Length matching to zero tolerance
  • Epoxy cantilever, blade, WLP and vertical contact probe cards.

Board Design Experience

  • All designs are schematic driven and layouting applies signal integrity rules.
  • Edge coupled and tandem differential pairs
  • Adherence to IPC Standards - IPC-2221, IPC-2222, IPC-2223, IPC-7351 etc.
  • Skew matching as per the signal rise time
  • Optimal board stack up with ups with controlled impedance for micro stripline,stripline and dual stripline stackups
  • Faster manual routing with in-house tools avoiding vias with good aesthetics
  • Designed boards with blind and buried vias, Micro-via and via-less routing, constraint driven placement and routing

Tester Types

  • Verigy
  • Eagle
  • Teradyne
  • LTX/Credence
  • Advantest
  • Mosaid
  • Inovys
  • Yokogawa

Shriya Advantages

  • Availability of qualified experienced resources, libraries and ATE templates
  • Expertise to handle EDA tools and customization skills to extend the capability of the EDA tools
  • Inhouse developed software tools to reduce the design and layout time


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